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episode 1_Love

Love…such a short word yet such a strong feeling… how can a four letter word l-o-v-e be as intense as it is? 
that’s what she was looking for… she was looking for love. She had love in her life, but there was this specific kind of love that was missing. All she was looking for was someone who could fill that part of her heart, yes…that section in your heart that makes you want someone so bad; that makes you want someone who can make you smile, who can be with you trillion times and you just can’t get enough, who can hug you, who can kiss your lips and touch you and say I love you. Yes there was a guy missing in her life. When you think about it, if you don’t have that someone who can complete that empty part of this magnificent organ that we all have… who are we? Love is the only feeling from all feelings that is so important to have. Obviously that you love your family, your friends, the things you own, you can love so many things, but there’s this one thing that is so unique and special-and that’s the person who is a human being just like you are, that coincidentally also has a heart just like you do. 


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